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floating kitchen cabinets

How To Renovate Your Kitchen With Floating Kitchen Cabinets!

If you are renovating your kitchen, floating kitchen cabinets can be the best option. The process of renovating your home kitchen can be enjoyable and rewarding, but don’t make the mistake of going into it without having examined every single option that is available to you. This includes everything from top to bottom, ceiling to floor, paint colors, cabinet finishes, cabinet hardware, and flooring. The major feature of any kitchen is always going to be the cabinetry and there is an immense range of styles and designs in all sorts of colors and finishes you might choose from. For instance, have you fully considered the impact that installing floating cabinets can have on your overall aesthetic?

Kitchen floating cabinets are a wonderful way to create an instantly more modern and stylish look to a kitchen space that might have been in the same layout and style design for a number of years, and they can also be of great help if one of your biggest concerns in the planning stage is making sure that you best optimize all of the space that you have to play with.

Let’s take a more detailed look at exactly why floating kitchen cabinets are, and then examine some of the biggest and best reasons that you should be considering adding them as a key design feature in your new renovation project.

What Are Floating Kitchen Cabinets?

Put simply, floating cabinets are an innovative type of cabinetry that is mounted on your wall and does not touch any part of the floor. The term floating refers to the fact the cabinets have the appearance of being suspended in midair halfway up your kitchen wall, creating the illusion of extra space, and giving a modern and streamlined look.

floating cabinets kitchen

These types of kitchen cabinets are most often made from MDF, wood, or laminate depending on the price point, and like regular cabinets, come in a variety of different colors, styles, and finishes. In general, they are seen as multi-purpose storage options for the kitchen, able to hold exactly the same items as regular cabinets including dishes, food items, and utensils.

Just to be clear – floating cabinets can be wall cabinets or base cabinets.

What Is The Difference Between Floating Kitchen Cabinets And Floating Kitchen Shelves?

While it is true that both floating kitchen cabinets and floating kitchen shelves are design elements for a kitchen that create a suspended look and do not touch the floor, the key difference comes in the fact that the cabinets feature doors and offer a greater degree of storage space inside. Floating kitchen shelves, on the other hand, are open and provide only a platform for storage and display.

floating kitchen cabinets

Why Are Floating Kitchen Cabinets Better Than Floating Kitchen Shelves?

When considering the ultimate practicality of a new kitchen renovation, we tend to think that the versatility of floating cabinets for the kitchen makes them the more sensible choice versus floating kitchen shelves. The ability to store items away and close the doors to not have them on the show is something that is vital in a kitchen setting where you might not want all of your utensils and food stores displayed.

floating kitchen cabinets

Floating shelves are an excellent idea to add a design element where you have wall space to create a display of special kitchen items or objets d’art.

How To Renovate Your Kitchen With Kitchen Floating Cabinets

So, now that you know what they are and why you should be choosing them over simple floating shelves, let’s take you through some of the biggest tips and points of consideration when the time comes to actually start the renovation process in your kitchen. Keep all of these elements in mind and we can guarantee that you will have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Plan Your Design

Before you start doing anything practical and hands-on, it is essential to have a clear image of what you are going to create. Think about the overall look that you want to achieve with the floating wood cabinets and the space that you have. Consider the overall size of your kitchen and the actual amount of storage that you think you are going to need. 

There is no point in putting too many cabinets on the walls, but at the same time you do not want to run out of storage either. Make sure to also keep in mind where the location of the cabinets is going to be in relation to things like electrical outlets and other important features.

Choose The Right Material

floating base cabinets

Have a good idea about the kind of material that you want your floating base cabinets to be made from, because there is a wide choice available from wood to laminate to MDF. Consider the style of the kitchen that you are trying to achieve, as well as keep a close eye on your budget because some materials and styles are significantly more expensive than others.

Stick To A Budget

Leading on from choosing the right materials, it is very important to make sure that you pick a budget and stick to it when exploring options for a full kitchen renovation. As we mentioned above, the overall cost of a renovation can start to creep up and up until you suddenly realize you are way out of your comfortable price range, so make the effort to keep close tabs on every decision that you make regarding material, sizes, amounts, and styles.

For your kitchen renovation, floating cabinets are the best option.

We recommend choosing your floating kitchen cabinets first and using a good portion of the budget on them seeing as they are going to be the focal point of the new kitchen. Once you know how much you have left to play with, you can make smarter decisions about what you are going to do with the rest of the space.

Get Professionals In To Install The Cabinets

white floating cabinet

Kitchen floating cabinets and floating kitchen counters are not features that you want to take an amateur risk with. It is absolutely essential that floating white cabinets are secured to the walls of your space with the requisite skills and expertise because the amount of weight bearing that they are going to be doing in your kitchen makes them a safety risk if not mounted properly and securely.

Even as a keen DIY enthusiast, you may not have the required drills, screwdrivers, levels, and brackets that are needed to ensure maximum security, and getting in a professional company to assemble these vital cabinets for you can take a lot of stress and anxiety off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on other elements of the kitchen renovation.

Add Some Finishing Touches

Once the floating cabinets have been safely installed, you are free to add all of the little finishing touches that will help to make them your own and a special part of your kitchen renovation. You might want to consider making changes like installing new hardware from knobs to handles, maybe to match up with the rest of the color scheme that you are going for in the new space. Something a lot of homeowners do to put the cherry on top of the cake with their floating cabinet shelf system is adding lighting underneath in order to create a really warm and inviting ambiance for the space.

Optimize The Storage Space

modern floating cabinets

Alongside style, the biggest benefit of floating kitchen cabinets is their ability to maximize any amount of storage space that your kitchen already has. Make sure that you choose cabinets that have features like adjustable shelves and maybe even drawers in order to help you customize the storage capabilities to your own items. Some people like to go even further and add a pull out pantry with shelves, or a lazy Susan that can help them to make even more of the space that the floating cabinets give them.

Think About Incorporating Other Design Elements

floating cabinet

To create as cohesive a final look as possible, you want to make sure that you incorporate lots of other design elements in the kitchen that complement the look and feel of your floating cabinets. This could include things like new countertops, new flooring, the addition of backsplashes that share a similar color scheme … pretty much anything you can think of!

Alongside actual kitchen hardware, you should also think about the addition of artwork, plants, and other various decorative items that can really bring the kitchen space to life. Sure, the modern floating cabinets are there to provide a practical solution to space, but it is up to you and your creative imagination to add the final touches that will really bring the space to life and give it personality.

Overall, floating cabinets in the kitchen are one of the smartest decisions that you can make for your home when considering a substantial and significant upgrade renovation. Not only will it make your level of living quality and comfortability much higher, but it will also have a positive impact on the value of your home for any future adventures in the housing market. In this sense, you are covering all of your bases with a relatively simple project.

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