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height of bathroom vanity

How to Define the Perfect Height of Bathroom Vanity

Ensuring the correct height of bathroom vanity is essential, as it directly influences the balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal in any home space, with a special emphasis on bathrooms and kitchens. Although we may not spend an extensive amount of time in the bathroom, the height of the vanity plays a significant role in making our bathroom experience enjoyable and functional. Ultimately, we all desire our bathrooms to transform into a peaceful sanctuary where we can truly relax.

From tile choice to color theme to plumbing features, there is more to consider in the bathroom, and although it may seem somewhat mundane, an important factor of the overall design is the height of the cabinetry. The height of bathroom vanity and the height sink are two of the most important elements of the overall bathroom design.

Standard bathroom sink height might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when designing your space, but vanity heights can make or break the comfort and practical function of a bathroom if you don’t get it right. Bathroom cabinet height, floating vanity height, and vessel sink height is something that can be a little bit variable based on the particular circumstances of the space that you are working with.

Before highlighting everything you should consider when deciding how tall a bathroom vanity should be, here is some important general information about the bathroom vanity and standard sink heights.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanities

Standard Height of bathroom vanity, how tall are bathroom cabinets and why does the height of a bathroom vanity matter? All need to be considered when making a choice.

how tall are bathroom cabinetsThe standard height of the bathroom sink and the height of the bathroom vanity do vary. Still, comfort height vanity measurements generally tend to fall between 76 centimetres and 91 centimetres (or 30 inches to 36 inches). This counter height bathroom vanity measurement is from the floor to the top of the countertop, which you can also consider to be the height a sink sits at.

The industry has settled on this range of bathroom counter depth and vanity height to accommodate the average height of most adults worldwide. A counter-height bathroom vanity within the specified parameters also provides a comfortable standing and working space when needed for a more extended period.

Now that you know the broad idea of the vanity heights for countertops, let’s take a deeper look at the different areas and factors that you will need to ponder when thinking about the height that you want your own bathroom vanity countertops to be.

What to Contemplate When Defining the Perfect Height of Bathroom Vanity

User Height

The first thing to consider is the average height of the people who are going to be using the vanity regularly. You want to make sure that it is going to be at a comfortable level for the primary users, so whether you are on the shorter or taller side, you need to choose accordingly.

bathroom vanity height

Vessel Sink or Undermount Sink

The type of sink that you want to choose will have an effect on the height of bathroom vanity that you can have. Vessel sinks will typically require a higher type of vanity to be able to accommodate their height, whereas an under-mount sink will sit much lower. There are lots of things to think about when you are working with a modern sink faucet.

User Age

Think about the age of the people in your home, and your own age if you are planning on the current property being your ‘forever’ home. Depending on specific situations, you might want to consider a height of bathroom vanity that provides accommodation for potential accessibility needs like a walking frame or even a wheelchair. What is trendy today might not be the best practical choice for somebody entering their later years, so make sure that you select something that can transition when the time comes.

Are there going to be children using the bathroom on a regular basis? If so, you might want to think about selecting a bathroom vanity that is lower in height, or at the very least incorporating a step stool for them to use. Remember that children grow, so matching their existing height doesn’t give much lifetime to your vanity. When you are working with materials like marble and other hard, potentially slippery stones, you want to make sure that children are not putting themselves at risk by climbing up on the counters to be able to see the mirror.

The countertop store has professionals who can guide you when considering all of these factors. When you have the right height and type of vanity in place and/or a safe step stool, you eliminate the possibility of your little ones getting themselves into trouble in the bathroom while you are not looking.


The location of existing pipes and plumbing can have an impact on what your vanity height can be. You will want to ensure that any adjustments you are planning on making are not going to interfere with your plumbing or make arrangements for piping to be amended.

vanity heights

Countertop Thickness

The thickness of the countertops that you select for your bathroom design is also going to be a factor in the overall height. The thicker the countertops, the lower the vanity height may have to be to provide a sturdy enough foundation for the weight of the counter.

Mirror Placement

Consider the size and potential placement of the bathroom mirror that you have in relation to the height of the vanity that you are interested in. They need to be able to work together in a harmonious fashion and not look too crowded and ‘stuck’ together when in place.

Cabinet Storage

Consider how much storage you need your vanity to have. If you are the kind of person who needs more storage, you might want to opt for a taller type of vanity that includes additional cabinets and drawers as part of its overall design.

bathroom cabinet storage

General Aesthetics

The best height of bathroom vanity should be something that complements the overall design and style of your bathroom. Different styles might call for different heights, so don’t assume that it is a case of every kind of height working for every kind of aesthetic.

Personal Preference

The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. It is always going to be the case that some people find enjoyment in a slightly lower or slightly higher vanity counter based on their individual likes and dislikes, as well as any unique needs.


Think about how the lighting fixtures in your bathroom are going to interact with the height of your vanity. Proper lighting is vital for essential bathroom tasks like shaving and applying skincare lotions and makeup, so make sure that the placement and height of the countertop and accompanying mirror are in a position that is suitable for the best possible lighting.

Wall Mounted vs. Freestanding

In terms of adaptability, a wall-mounted vanity is always going to offer more flexibility when it comes to height adjustment. This is especially the case in comparison to freestanding vanity options that are simply as tall as they have been designed, with no room for experimentation in your bathroom space. Floating vanities have wiggle room with height, so consider this option as a stylish alternative.

wall-mounted vanity

Consult With A Professional

Ultimately, you should try to take as much professional advice as you can on this matter. If you are unsure about the decisions that you need to make, then consult a bathroom contractor or designer and they will be able to offer the best guidance on your specific circumstances, giving you the best chance to match reality with expectations.

bathroom vanity heights

One of the most important pieces of advice that we can finish with before making a final decision, it is a really good idea to create a mockup of the design so that you can visualize how the height of bathroom vanity is going to look and function in the bathroom space that you have. Creating a visual representation of what it is going to look like on completion will give the best help towards seeing whether the counter height you have selected is actually going to feel right.

Hopefully, this list of tips will be able to help you on your journey to choosing the perfect vanity and vanity height for your bathroom, but the thing to remember above all else is that this ‘perfect’ choice is always going to vary from one person to another.

It is important to make the best decisions based on your specific needs and the needs of other regular users of the bathroom. Don’t blindly follow the latest trends, because they might not be the best for your situation. The best thing to do is head over to the countertop store and consider all aspects before making a final decision.

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