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16 Best Hotel Amenities Ideas to Impress Your Guests

As hotel amenities have changed over time, hotel experiences have also changed at the same time. So, when comparing the hotel experience of, say, 30 years ago to the hotel experience of today, it would be fair to say that some elements are completely unrecognizable, whilst other elements have remained pretty much the same. When it comes to the fundamentals of great hospitality, no establishment can get away with cutting corners on the standard basics, and once you have the basics mastered, the next step is to make smart choices about the kinds of extra amenities that you are going to offer your guests.

In a massive marketplace where every hotel is a competitor, it is the little extras that will make your establishment stand out from others in the same price range and star rating. Before we get into our list of the best hotel amenities that should be considered, let’s make sure we are all on the same page by answering the most basic question of them all; what actually are hotel amenities?

What Are Hotel Amenities?

First off, let’s remind ourselves that there is a difference between amenities and facilities. Although used interchangeably, there is a distinction. Facilities are things or places designed to facilitate a process or an action.

A hotel amenity is any feature that is provided that enhances the guest experience beyond the provision of bed and board. They offer comfort, convenience or enjoyment and are usually provided at no extra cost.

Types of hotel amenities will vary greatly across the spectrum from budget hostel to luxury resort, and can include everything and anything from the basics of the room, to items in the bathroom, to features and rooms in areas of the wider complex, as well as food and beverage amenities.

The importance of amenities in hotels comes down to how much ‘extra value’ guests feel they are getting beyond their basic accommodation needs. When it comes to comfort amenities, there are definitely some that garner better feedback and reception than others. With this in mind, here are hotel amenities ideas that we happen to believe are the best to offer if you are seeking to provide a selection of guest amenities and hotel personal care amenities that are going to provide an enhanced all round experience. The inclusion of a combination of any of the suggestions on this hotel amenities list will certainly set your hotel up for success.

Pillow Options

Whatever hotel amenities you provide, all the hard work will go to waste if you don’t get the basics right. Arguably, the most important aspect of a hotel experience is sleep quality. If somebody has an uncomfortable night in a hotel bed, they are very unlikely to book again or recommend it to a friend, so you should do everything to ensure as comfortable a night as possible.

some hotel room amenities

One practical and fun way to do this is by having a pillow menu and if possible, ask the guests their preferences when they book. Guests are encouraged to share whether they prefer hard, soft or medium pillows, along with their ideal number, and this is exactly what they will find upon checking in.

In-Room Tablets

It’s time to move on from grubby folders that provide guest information. They aren’t always the nicest to look at, they can get messy and scuffed and items may go missing. They are also a pain to keep updated. Replace that ring binder or loose-leaf pack with a tablet to provide all the information a guest needs in digital format.

With just the tap of a finger, guests can find all the information they need. You can include any pertinent information from room service and restaurant menus, the pillow menu, and concierge facilities, and also install a messenger app to enable them to contact the front desk.

Free Wi-Fi

It might seem obvious but although there are people who want to switch off completely from tech when they are away from home, most people would still expect to be able to connect to the internet in their hotel. It is greatly appreciated by most if it is both free and reliable. If a code is required to access the Wi-Fi, make sure it is obviously displayed or included in the welcome pack.

Personalized Welcome Gifts

One thing that you are always going to know is the names of the guests who have booked the room, and something simple but effective that you can do with this information has one or two personalized gifts waiting for their arrival.

Depending on your budget, this can be anything from a welcome card on the dresser, to embroidered dressing gowns with their initials on the breast! Of course, it should go without saying that all of the classic toiletries and bathroom amenities should be included in every room as standard, and whilst personalizing each of these items will probably not be cost-effective in the long run, something that can be done is combining the items in a gift pack that does include named personalization.

Local Snack Gift Basket

Take some time to source a selection of local delicacies from your hotel’s area, and present them to guests in the form of a delightful gift basket that they can explore after checking in. From candies to savory snacks and beverages, think about all of the things that you would like to sample after a long journey!

You could even go one step further if you have the resources and tailor each room’s gift basket according to their preferences and allergies. This kind of information can be gathered with a simple questionnaire presented when guests are making their reservations.

hotel amenity

Relaxation Devices

Guests want to be able to relax and clear their minds when they retreat to their hotel rooms whether it’s to fight off jet lag, unwind after a stressful day of meetings or recuperate after a heavy session of sightseeing. Enhance the sanctuary of a room by creating a more spa-like atmosphere. Include scent diffusers, calming music, eye masks, and ear plugs.

You might go a bit further and include a massage ball or roller. You might also install a guest room air purifier to maintain hypoallergenic and great-smelling spaces. This would make the room more attractive to anyone with allergies or respiratory problems.

In-Room Coffee Machines

This is pretty much a standard hotel room amenity, but just in case you still haven’t made the full commitment, a high-quality coffee pod machine really should be seen as an essential item in all hotel rooms in 2023.

If you want to incorporate even more of a unique touch to your beverage options, then sourcing coffee options from local, independent coffee vendors is always a good and appreciated decision by guests and your business community.

In-Room Games

Including a selection of in-room gaming options can be a very much appreciated hotel amenity, especially for traveling families who want to provide their younger members with something to pass the time in relative peace and harmony!

This can be in the form of game consoles like Playstation or Xbox, or even the more traditional tabletop board games that can be enjoyed by all generations of a family. Even a simple pack of cards in the bedroom vanity unit can show you go the extra mile.

hotel amenities

Book And Film Library

For the days and evenings when your guests might want to unwind in their rooms rather than heading out, something unique that you can provide for them is a book and film library where they can take out any titles that appeal to them. You can even go that one step further and provide some free cinema snacks like popcorn and soda to go along with their choices.

In-Room Cocktail Station

Gone are the days when a simple mini fridge would satisfy the beverage needs of the guests. The more preferable amenity option in modern hospitality is to provide guests with the tools and ingredients to be able to make their own cocktails in the comfort of their rooms.

Sometimes guests are not in the mood to head down to the hotel bar to have a drink, so why not give them the option to mix up their own margaritas and Manhattans without having to leave their room at all?

In-Room Work Out Equipment And Gym Classes

Hotels are starting to accommodate guests who want to keep fit during their stay but who do not want to work out with others in the gym. Various pieces of simple equipment can be made for in-room use such as kettlebells, balance ball and yoga mats.

This is also a great way for hotels who don’t have a gym to be able to provide some kind of fitness amenities. Some hotels with gyms are also including a set number of free classes that can be redeemed during the course of a stay.

Office And Conference Space

Keep in mind that not all guests at your hotel will be visiting for leisure purposes, and even if they are, they still might need to get some work done during their stay. This can be catered for in the form of shared office space and conference space that can provide a more professional setting for any guest who needs to get into ‘work mode’.

This might be a particular benefit to any hotel whose individual room’s Wi-Fi isn’t the strongest, as being able to add boosted internet connection to a particular shared space within the complex.

Free Cycling Options

Not all amenities have to be comfort amenities. One of the biggest trends and innovations in hotel amenities in the last few years has been the provision of bikes and ebikes free of charge for guests to explore the local area.

This might be something that you want to consider if your hotel is located in or near an area of natural beauty. With the free bikes, you can add value to the experience by creating a pamphlet of routes and destinations around the hotel that are recommended for a cycling trip.

best hotel amenities

Free Vehicle Options

If you run the kind of establishment that hosts a number of higher profile guests, then something that you might also want to consider is owning a fleet of private cars that could be booked by guests for their personal use.

If you have the means to do so, then you could elevate the experience to an even more luxurious service by including chauffeurs. The guests can have the option to hire the car to drive for themselves or hire the car with the chauffeur for extra safety or extra glamor!

Borrowing Closets

More and more travelers are tending to travel light these days, but depending on where in the world your hotel might happen to be, there might be some seasonal items and accessories that are needed to enjoy the full experience.

The best hotels are solving this issue with the implementation of borrowing closets that can provide guests with everything from warm winter coats to skiing jackets and other sports equipment that are logical for the surroundings.

Exclusive Local Offers

Make an effort to build connections and partnerships with local businesses and put together a pack filled with offers that are exclusive to your hotel guests. This can be things like discount vouchers for local restaurants, two for one tickets to some of the recommended local attractions and anything else that you think might fit the tone you are trying to create for your guests.

It’s highly probable that any high quality hotel will already have implemented many of these amenities, but we hope that you might have been inspired by this list to include and incorporate a few more in your own establishment.

importance of amenities in hotel

Don’t underestimate the importance of hotel amenities in hotel marketing and advertising. You should think about them as the special perks and extras that make a guest keep choosing your hotel over any other in your city, and depending on which city you happen to be in, the competition can be extremely high and the right guest amenities can be the difference between great success and simple survival.


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