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How Gen Z Is Affecting Travel Trends in Hospitality Industry

If you’re pondering who is Generation Z, it’s individuals born after the years of 1995 to 2000, with no clear consensus due to studies differing. Generation Z is growing in both influence and spending power, particularly in travel trends. Plus, many experts believe they will become the largest generation of consumers by 2020. They currently account for 32% of the worldwide population, even more than millennials.

However, don’t mistake Gen Z for the millennial generation. Millennials were brought up by Boomers, while Gen Z was brought up by Gen X. This makes a difference in Gen Z travel trends and what their travel goals ultimately are.

Here’s why they’re changing things for US travel trends.

1. The Travel Experience.

Travel is not just about the destination for Gen Z, but more about the experience. Previous generations can hit a beach resort, lie in the sun, drink tropical cocktails for a week, and then head home. It doesn’t really matter where the resort is, but only that it exists, and it’s a different place than home.

On the other hand, that’s not enough for some members of Gen Z. Some want to attend a Mixology class to learn how to make the cocktails themselves. They also want a beach resort that offers spa treatments, live music, tennis workshops, and more. Others want to get off the resort property to thoroughly explore the destination as well. This means more new ways to travel for older generations that they may not have previously considered.

2. Focus on Sustainability.

It’s no wonder why Gen Z is concerned about ecology. Throughout their lives, they’ve been provided with information about eco-friendliness and global warming. With this knowledge, they bring concern for sustainability into their travel experiences. They want eco-friendly trips that involve sustainable hotel operations and contribute to the community of their destinations.

For previous generations, this means that some favored amenities may go away. This may include the elimination of luxury products replenished daily in their guestrooms. Today, many rooms have large, mounted bathroom products that will last through many stays.

3. Unique Travel Decisions

Being a member of older generations involved in marketing to travelers, you will benefit from knowing that social media is a primary way Gen Z makes their travel decisions. After all, there’s no more ideal marketing than an attractive photo on Instagram.

4. Frequent Traveling

As a member of an older generation traveling for work, you’ll notice changes in how Gen Z coworkers act during business travel. They are appealing to the “bleisure” trend zealously. Meaning, they enjoy extending their business travel to enjoy leisure experiences in their destination. Some sources even allude to the fact that members of Gen Z will change jobs for one that will allow them to travel more. This can be good or bad for older generations: Good if you want to pass on business trips to younger people in the company. However, it becomes bad if your boss begins to value younger colleagues for their willingness to travel for work.

5. Tech Conveniences

Gen Z’s knowledge of technology makes it easier for them to adjust to upcoming travel tech. Many travelers struggle to troubleshoot their mobile boarding pass or a Twitter DMs booking. Unfortunately, this means others need to adapt quickly because Gen Z knows all about booking through virtual tours. Plus, they know how to make tech-savvy decisions to make their travel experience more convenient.

6. Benefiting from Financial Situations

Due to many members of Gen Z being fairly young, they often travel on their parents’ money. This means they are often not budget-friendly. However, they often help older generations – including parents and grandparents – plan out their vacations. They frequently acquire new travel information through tech and social media. Plus, this generation is more likely to give valuable travel advice to members of older generations who may not have access to it.

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