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18 Best Modern Shower Door Ideas In 2023

When it comes to rooms in a home that need the most special care and attention when redecorating, it would be fair to say that the kitchen and the bathroom are always the top two on the list. They might not be the rooms that you spend most of your rest and relaxation time in, but they are the rooms that contain some of the most used furniture and equipment.

For many people, coming up with interesting and inexpensive shower door ideas for small spaces can be one of the trickiest parts of renovating bathrooms, simply because there are so many different types to choose from.

For something that you might think of as simple, modern shower doors come in so many different types and styles. The options are huge in number and there are some obvious differences that can rule out some specific styles right away. For example, if you have a shower unit, you’ll be looking for shower glass enclosure ideas rather than a bathtub with glass door ideas.

It can be helpful to have a handy guide to figure out which might be best for you. Here is some information about different shower doors. Some are great shower door ideas for small bathrooms, others are great inexpensive shower door ideas. The fun is in deciding which shower designs with glass doors would be the best fit for your own project.

Best Modern Shower Door Ideas

1. Frameless Doors

A frameless shower door is one that is made from sturdy tempered glass that doesn’t need the support of a metal rim around its exterior edges. The result of this is a very modern and sleek visual. They also have the benefit of being the easiest type of doors to clean.

2. Semi-Frameless Doors

A semi-frameless shower door is one that features a metal framing around the entire frame, but not around the actual door itself. This again imparts a very sleek, streamlined, and modern look, as well as offering a more affordable contemporary option compared to the completely frameless type.

3. Framed Doors

A framed door is typically installed with a very sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum metal frame, and this adds a lot of strength and support. Framed doors are a fully sealed construction in the bathroom, meaning that they are much less likely to leak.

4. Glass Tub Enclosures

A glass tub enclosure is something that is mounted on the rim of an existing bathtub, therefore not reaching the floor. This is a great option for someone who does not want to get rid of the bathtub that they have but instead wants an easy-to-clean upgrade.

5. Sliding Doors

Shower designs with glass doors are perennially popular and those with sliding doors are a very common choice. They slide open and shut with the help of a track that is attached to both the floor and the ceiling. It may also be called a bypass door in some stores. Sliding shower door ideas suit bathrooms that don’t have enough width to allow a hinged door to swing open.

6. Pivoting Door

Also known as a hinged door or swinging door, this is the kind of shower door that opens just like any other door in your home. They are not the best shower door ideas for small spaces.

7. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Folding or bifold shower doors are usually semi-frameless or framed doors that operate on a track. They fold inward to create an opening to walk through, before closing back to flat when the person is in the shower cubicle. This isn’t usually the least expensive style, but it is ideal for narrow showers and bathrooms.

8. Partial Tub Enclosure

Also known as a half-wall shower glass, this is a type of enclosure that only covers the shower head half of a stall or tub. These enclosures can be made to both pivot or remain completely stable.

9. Clear Glass Finishes

As the name suggests, a clear glass shower door is one that is perfectly transparent, and it should be considered if you are aiming to achieve more depth in a smaller bathroom space. The transparency will help to make the room look larger, brighter, and lighter.

10. Textured Glass Finishes

A textured glass finish door can be etched, frosted, tinted, or patterned with the goal for this being to maintain a level of privacy in the shower cubicle. Shower door panels with textured finishes are a popular choice among those who do not necessarily want to have to clean their shower on a daily basis, as the texture can hide a lot of the typical smudges and hard water spots that occur every time the shower is used.

Best Shower Door Ideas for Bathrooms

So, with all of your new found shower knowledge fresh in your mind, allow us to introduce you to some inspirational styles and examples that we think cover the full spectrum of shower door design that is going to be on trend in 2023 and 2024.

1. Frameless Gray

This frameless cubicle is the perfect example of a shower setup that increases the feeling of space in the bathroom thanks to the maximum transparency.

frameless shower door ideas

2. Classic White Tiles

This is a classic example of how semi-frameless shower door ideas can offer a lot of light into the cubicle while also having a distinct separation within the bathroom. It shows that even small bathrooms can accommodate a walk-in shower.

tile shower with glass door

3. Monochrome

A framed shower cubicle with sliding corner doors adds a lot of signature style to the bathroom, with the black framing providing a really attractive contrast to the white color scheme of the tile walls.

Sliding corner Doors

4. Marble and Glass

This a great example of how a bathtub with glass door ideas can transform the look of a bathroom. The idea of a glass tub becomes a completely different thing from a traditional bathtub.

bathtub with glass door ideas

5. Matte Black

Sliding shower doors help to maximize the space you have in your bathroom, creating a full shower space without having to worry about angles for swinging doors. Do you love the contemporary look that somehow combines industrial chic with art deco?

shower door sliding

6. Small but Beautiful

A simple pivot door like this one is ideal for bathrooms that are not blessed with as much width or space as the homeowner would like. It creates the illusion of a neat and separate shower space that still packs a punch in the style stakes.

shower door pivot

7. It’s Curvy

If you need shower door ideas for small bathrooms, a partial tub enclosure can be a clever and innovative way to enhance the look and function of a tub. If you don’t have enough space for both a shower and tub in your bathroom, then combine them like this.

small bathroom shower door ideas

8. Ocean Wave

The textured finish on these shower doors helps to maintain privacy and there’s drama in the swirling waves and curvy top line. If you want a luxury hotel feel to your bathroom, this is an inspiration.

bathroom shower glass door ideas

9. Space Age Stark

This a great example of how completely frameless shower doors can create an optical illusion of no doors at all against the stark white of the bathroom design. Very clean, very white, very now.

shower door frameless

10. Is it Hinged? No, It Slides!

A different take on the glass tub enclosure style, completely enclosing the tub that is set back in the wall to effectively turn the space into a more traditional shower cubicle area. This is a very interesting direction to take if you have the space to play with.

11. Curvy Corner

Another example of texture glass doors (this time frosted) offering more privacy when showering. The frosted look is very popular, trending pretty much every year when it comes to the most common bathroom ideas.

textured glass shower doors

12. Black and White

Bi-fold shower doors showcase just how narrow space you can transform into something very aesthetically pleasing.

bi-fold shower doors

13. Stormy Gray

A lot of people decide against pivoting shower doors because they think the traditional style is too boring, but an example like this shows you just how attractive and stylish it can be when paired with the right color scheme and frame choice. No one can accuse this setup of being boring.

14. Modern Tub

Another example of a partial tub enclosure that offers the best of both worlds is a bathroom that doesn’t have room to spare for a separate cubicle. It presents a lovely clean line.

Partial Tub Enclosure

15. Black and Gray

An idea of just how dramatic and extravagant sliding shower doors can be if you have the space to play with in your own bathroom.

16. Understated

Not all shower glass enclosure ideas have to have loads of features or drama to make a statement. Understated can be beautiful too.

shower glass enclosure ideas

17. Double Header

An example of how you do not need a massive bathroom to have a walk-in double shower to prevent bathroom traffic jams in the morning.

glass shower door ideas

18. All That Glisters Is Not Gold

And, sometimes it is. Some of the best bathroom shower doors ideas are in less common colors. Add a touch of opulence with gold-framed doors.

Whether you’re remodeling your existing bathroom or planning ahead for a new home build or a new bathroom space, consider these design ideas for your next project!

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