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vanity desk with mirror and lights

Choosing the Perfect Vanity Desk with Mirror and Lights

There are some pieces of furniture that are considered essential in the bedroom. A vanity desk with mirror and lights can be one of them. Everyone obviously needs a bed and closet space, but for women in particular, a bedroom vanity unit is a must-have. While some prefer to use the bathroom to put on makeup and do their hair, being able to sit down at a dressing table is preferable. 

But wait, one thing does need clarification before we continue. We’ve mentioned bedroom vanity and dressing table in one section, Are they the same thing? Although the terms are used interchangeably, the two furniture items are different. To be a vanity desk/table, it must have a mirror. A dressing table is larger and offers more storage space. That sorted, we can continue.

In recent years, the idea of a bedroom vanity desk has become even more appropriate for a modern home, especially in space-challenged rooms. The name is very apt because unlike bathroom vanity units which are fixed units and may include a sink, bedroom vanities are a desk-like, stand-alone piece of furniture. And like their namesake, can be used as a place to sit and use a laptop – a function that is certainly not suitable for a bathroom vanity. Add a desk vanity mirror with lights and not only do you have a highly functional piece of furniture but one that is aesthetically pleasing. 

types of bedroom vanities

There are of course different types of bedroom vanity units in a wide range of styles, materials and colors. 

Types of Bedroom Vanities

It’s not easy to list or summarize the different types of bedroom vanities or vanity desks. Just one internet search will elicit hundreds of photographs of different units. You’ll find ultramodern ones in materials like Perspex and chrome as well as antique pieces. They will be glamorous or utilitarian. You’ll find them ready built or flat-packed. 

There are units with drawer pedestals on one side or two sides. Some will have matching stools or chairs, and there are vanity desks with mirror and lights, some with mirrors fixed to the vanity bases unit, others detachable. They’ll come in all sizes and all colors, so matter the size of the bedroom, there’ll be a vanity desk to fit.

desk with lights and mirror

So how do you choose the right desk with lights and mirror? Here are some of the best tips. If you can make the right choice, then there is no reason why you won’t be able to add a light up mirror vanity desk that will last you for many years with great style and function.


One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a mirror table with lights is the overall size of the unit compared to the space in your bedroom. You want the vanity desk mirror with lights to work in harmony with your bedroom rather than prove to be an eyesore or stand out obstacle, and making sure that the size fits the space is one of the most important parts of this puzzle.

light up mirror vanity desk

Don’t be tempted to pick something that you know is too big for your room in the hope that it will eventually blend in, because a piece of furniture like this just won’t. In general, if the desk with lights and mirror is taking up a quarter or more of your floor space, then it is too big for the room.

A vanity desk with mirror and lights adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom, making it vital to choose one that complements your decor style.

One major advantage that a light up mirror desk has is that it can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. Dark nooks and crannies that you consider out of use for anything else are even accessible because of the independent lighting of the desk.


Lighting is obviously one of the most important elements of a vanity desk with mirror and lights, so make sure that you test all of the different ways that the lights matter before committing to buying a unit.

vanity mirror and desk with lights

It is important to choose a mirror table with lights that are bright and adjustable. The lights should be positioned in such a way around the mirror that provides the most even lighting experience and reduces as much shadow around your face and shoulders as possible.


Alongside lighting, the next obvious key feature is the mirror itself, and you need to make sure that you select a unit with a mirror that is large enough to be able to capture your entire face, your hair and preferably your shoulders as well.

It helps for the bedroom vanity mirror to be adjustable to allow for tilting to achieve the perfect angle. Not every person is the same height when sitting in a chair, so make sure that you find a mirror that works for your own personal circumstances and preferences.


The material that you choose for your vanity desk with mirror and lights should ideally be something that is super durable, but also something that is easy to clean and looks good at the same time.

vanity desk with mirror and lights

Some of the most popular options for vanity desks that can boast all of those important features are wood, metal, and glass. You don’t want to select a wood that is so soft it gains dents with the slightest activity or a glass that is too fragile to withstand the rigors of makeup routines and beauty accessories etc.

Consider color at the same time, as your desire for any particular shade or hue will obviously have an impact on which materials are potential winners.


Take some time to think about how much storage you are going to need on your vanity desk with mirror and lights. If you tend to keep things on the minimalist side with only a few key items and products being used in your vanity routine, then you will be able to get away with a smaller desk that only features a couple of drawers.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who has more beauty and fashion accessories than anything else, you will certainly want to find a vanity desk that contains a high number of drawers on either side, as well as extra storage space and opportunities on the surface of the desk itself. 

In this case, a dressing table is the better choice as they offer more storage. The more storage space there is, the better organized you will be able to be, and this will bring a more balanced sense of feng shui and relaxed energy to your bedroom which is very important for maintaining good sleep patterns and overall well-being. You can also add a separate dressing table mirror with lights so you aren’t losing out on the true function of a vanity desk.


It is important to choose a vanity desk with mirror and lights that matches the overall style and aesthetic of your room. For example, if you have a mainly white color scheme, then it makes perfect sense to select a white desk with light-up mirror.

vanity desk with lights and mirror

There are so many different styles to choose from, from traditional to modern and everything in between, so the trick is finding which one suits your taste and decor.

There are some decor experts who would say that creating an intentional color clash can be a positive thing in terms of maximum style, but we don’t think that the vanity desk is the area that should be experimented with. 

Even though you want it to look great in your room, the vanity doesn’t need to be something that stands out as the main feature of the aesthetic. Ultimately, it is a functional piece of furniture that is probably going to be covered with your daily essentials, gadgets and accessories, so blending in is probably something that is preferred!


vanity desk with mirror and lights

Final Verdict: Vanity Desk with Mirror and Lights

Finally, what you absolutely have to remember to consider, maybe above all else, is personal comfort! In most cases, the vanity desk will come with a matching chair, and you must not forget to test out this chair before committing to any purchase. As beautiful as a vanity desk might be, it will be a useless purchase if you do not enjoy sitting at it because the chair is not comfortable or supportive.

Ideally, you should aim to find a desk that comes with a chair that is adjustable to ensure that you can achieve the best reflection in the mirror possible, as well as a chair that has sufficient back support to keep you comfortable while spending time on your beauty and skincare routine.

You can find a vanity mirror with lights and desk cheap that might feature something like a small, nonadjustable stool, but something that you have to weigh up on a personal level is whether you want to sacrifice maximum comfort just to save a little bit of cash. In the long run, we think that spending extra on a great quality bedroom vanity desk with mirror and lights that will last for years, is preferable to saving money and opting for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t match up in terms of quality.

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