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bathroom renovation

Why Bathroom Renovation Is the Best Way For Hotel Growth

Bathroom renovation is a challenging process, but it is a method to keep your bathroom looking new and sustainable. Hotel bathroom refurbishment is critical to providing memorable and comfortable stays for guests. With the advent of wellness and eco-conscious travelers, hotel bathroom design has progressed beyond basic functionality to become an essential aspect of the guest experience.

A well-designed and updated hotel bathroom may be a big business factor, from using sustainable materials and modern facilities to creating a pleasant environment. Hotel owners may enrich their guests’ visits with a well-appointed, efficient, and beautiful bathroom with the assistance of expert designers and constructors. A hotel bathroom aesthetic renovation can improve the experience by combining the most recent design trends, cutting-edge technology, and one-of-a-kind details.

bathroom renovation

The Importance of Hotel Bathrooms and Bathroom Renovations

A hotel owner might think that as long as a guest’s bathroom is clean and functional, that should be good enough, but that’s not how the guest sees it. The hotel modern bathroom plays a surprisingly large role in the guest’s experience and is an important determinant of his or her overall satisfaction. Guests typically anticipate that the hotel bath will provide a high level of comfort and a superior experience to what they have in their own homes. This requires regular bathroom upgrades and renovations.

That being the case, keeping hotel bathrooms thoroughly up to date can attract business and generate more revenue. Here’s a more detailed look at the reasons why:

bathroom remodeling and renovation

Bathroom Remodeling And Renovations Add Value

If the bathrooms in a hotel are thoroughly up-to-date and match contemporary tastes, that adds to the establishment’s value. Added value translates to a higher price should you decide to sell the hotel. That’s particularly the case if an expert did the bathroom remodeling and renovation.

bathroom in a hotel

Renovations Create More Space

Many three-star and below hotels are moving to optimize the use of space. We see this as they remove tubs in favor of showers only. (That showers-only alternative is cheaper and faster, too.)

We see it as well in the use of sliding glass doors that reduce space restrictions and additionally let in some light from the main room. Privacy smart glasses likewise create the impression of more space and additional light.

By giving guests more space, you give them more room to spread out, do what they need to do, and enjoy their hotel experience.

hotel modern bathroom

Renovations Give a Competitive Advantage

The list of potential upgrades to a modern hotel-style bathroom is long. You could conceivably add heated toilet seats and towel racks, a water massage function, directional water jets, a dryer, a deodorizer, and entertainment sets.

If you have these, guests will tend to prefer your hotel to one that doesn’t just as they’d prefer a hotel that had Wi-Fi, mirror televisions, and advanced climate control over an establishment lacking those amenities.

bathroom environment

Bathroom Renovations Can Create Lifelong Customers

As Gallup’s 2014 Hospitality Industry Study reveals, the proper environment is crucial to winning over luxury and upper-scale guests. About 50% of guests say they’d be willing to pay significantly more for amenities like better in-room TV, Internet, and bathroom soap.

An important part of creating the proper environment is creating the proper bathroom. Many hotel bathroom upgrades provide the following:

  • A separate walk-in glass shower
  • Shower benches
  • An oversized shower head reminiscent of a rainforest retreat
  • More natural or balanced light
  • Windows with an exterior view
  • Natural materials like wood and stone
  • Added space sufficient for exercise or yoga

bathroom renovation

Renovations Promote Sustainability

Hotel bathrooms use a lot of water. According to the American Water Works Association, the average US hotel room uses 382 to 787 liters per day. That’s more than the average US home’s consumption of 315 liters per day.

That means that hotel owners who provide bathroom upgrades to reduce water consumption without detracting from the guest experience not only reduce costs, but also contribute significantly to sustainability. They cut their utility expenses while reducing their carbon footprint as well.

The bottom line is that hotel guests expect the latest in hotel bathroom amenities. Thus, periodic bathroom upgrades and hotel bathroom renovation are necessary to keep up with current technology, tastes, and trends.

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