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Why You Should Update Your Hotel Bathrooms

The Importance of Hotel Bathrooms

Updating hotel bathrooms isn’t especially high on the to-do list of many such places, and that’s understandable. Hotels, after all, have many other matters to concern them including how many rooms are being rented, staffing, the dining experience, and overall costs and revenue. It’s easy, then, to devote comparatively little thought to the room we associate with some of the less charming human necessities.

But when guests check-in, they’re hoping for a pleasant experience in every regard, and that includes when they’re in the bathroom for a shower or whatever. They remember the hotels with nice bathrooms and are more inclined to return to those places for a second stay. In their minds, the best hotel bathrooms are the ones that provide a more comfortable, luxurious experience than the one the bathroom at home provides.

Here are five good reasons to renovate your hotel bathrooms. The first two essentially elaborate on the points already made. The next three provide additional reasons.

Reason to Update Your Hotel Bathrooms #1: Repeat Business

A handsome, comfortable hotel bathroom will motivate guests to return when they once again stay in the area. The desire to stay somewhere luxurious is strong enough that when surveyed, 50% of guests said they’d be willing to pay more for better amenities of virtually every type.

In the 21st Century hotel bathroom, better amenities don’t just mean fluffier towels and thicker, softer toilet paper, or at least it shouldn’t. Truly impressive hotel bathrooms offer some if not all of the following:

  • Separate walk-in glass showers
  • Shower benches
  • Oversized showerheads
  • Enough space to exercise or do yoga
  • Balance and/or natural lighting
  • Windows
  • Natural materials like stone and wood

Reason to Update Your Hotel Bathrooms #2: Stand Out from the Competition

We live in a high-tech age, and incorporating the latest technology into the guest experience is critical to staying ahead of the competition. In up-to-date hotel bathrooms, you’ll find features like these:

  • Heated toilet seats and towel racks
  • Water massage function
  • Directional water jets
  • Entertainment sets
  • Dryer
  • Deodorizer

Reason to Update Your Hotel Bathrooms #3: Renovating Adds Value

Renovating a property adds to its real estate value. This is as true of a hotel as of any other piece of property, and if you decide to sell someday, you’ll command a better price.

Reason to Update Your Hotel Bathrooms #4: Better Use of Space

Many hotels are saving space by eliminating bathtubs and offering showers only. (Showers are cheaper and faster, too.) But there are other ways to renovate to make more efficient use of space and make hotel bathrooms seem roomier to guests.

  • Sliding doors (as opposed to swinging ones) help minimize space constraints.
  • Privacy smartglasses let more light into hotel bathrooms and so make them feel larger.

Reason to Update Your Hotel Bathrooms #5: Sustainability

Finally, hotel bathrooms account for a good deal of the hotel’s water and energy consumption. You can cut down on these usages by providing advanced showerhead control systems.

Renovating with “green” materials like glass, reclaimed marbles, resin-based stone composites, and wood from sustainable forests also contributes to sustainability.

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