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blue vanity bathroom ideas

15 Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas You Should Try!

When it comes to bathroom renovations and transformations, there are lots of choices to be made. So, If you’re seeking inspiration for a stylish and refreshing renovation, exploring “blue vanity bathroom ideas” might be the perfect starting point. However, how you want your finished project to look will depend on the amenities you want to include – bath, shower, or both, etc, the style you want to emulate – traditional, modern etc, and what materials you think will produce the results you want – tile or vinyl for flooring, wood or marble for countertops, etc and of course, color.

Color is massively important because it brings all the elements together and also creates the atmosphere. You’ll need to choose colors for the walls, floors, vanities, and all the accessories that tie things together like towels, shower curtains (if not having a shower screen/door), and cosmetic accessories. Most of these are easily changed but getting the color of vanities needs to be right the first time because you have to live with them for much longer.

You could just go for classic black or white or some neutral color on the beige-to-gray spectrum but if you want a little pizazz, why not be inspired by some blue vanity bathroom ideas?
Blue bathroom decor is a classic choice that is never going to go out of style, so whether you are looking to inject some of that color theme in paints, tiles, or furniture choices, the trick is to make sure that you do so with style and elegance. Blue bathroom vanities are a great place to focus your attention as a statement piece of furniture within the space that has all of the attributes that you are looking for while still being practical.

From vintage blue vanity bathroom vibes to much more modern blue bathroom ideas, there is a lot to browse through when it comes to bathroom ideas with blue vanity inclusions. Of course, when there is so much to choose from, the decision-making process can get a lot harder, and that is why we are here to help you separate the plain and average from the truly luxury vanity products that can make a difference.

vanity bathroom ideas

Why Is Blue Such A Great Choice For Bathroom Vanities?

Before we get to some inspirational examples of blue vanity bathroom ideas, let’s take a look at why blue is considered to be the perfect color for bathrooms.

Aesthetic Versatility

When you opt for blue as your leading color, it leaves you with a lot of room to establish different themes and vibes. There is the obvious aqua/nautical connection, but outside of the world of water, blue is also just a strong, solid color choice that incorporates so many shades that it is impossible to get bored of the options that you have.

Finish Flexibility

Being so cool-toned in its presentation, blue is a color that can be used successfully with pretty much any kind of finish that you can imagine. Blue works great with everything from laminate flooring to marble to granite to porcelain tile to vinyl flooring and of course, blue bathroom vanities have their own appeal. In contrast, colors with warmer tones like reds, yellows, and oranges are not always seen as good choices for some of those options.

bathroom ideas with blue vanity

Timeless Style

Blue is always going to be a popular color, no matter what era of style we happen to move into in the future. If you are worried about doing something to your home that is going to have a negative impact on its overall value going forward, then it is safe to say that blue is a safe choice that packs a lot of style along with being sensible. It is so much more interesting than going for a white or off-white shade.

Water Connection

Ultimately, you cannot get away from the fact that the color blue is always going to be immediately associated with water, and this makes it an obvious choice for bathrooms. Don’t get too in your head about it and try to fight against the natural fit of the color with the room, because it works for a reason! There is a natural fit between many shades of blue and the innate connection to water that a bathroom has. You might as well blend it rather than fight against it.

15 Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Let’s take a look at fifteen blue vanity bathroom ideas. We are sure that you will find something that appeals to you from this expertly curated set of themes and suggestions.

1. Coastal Escape

You can achieve this kind of look by opting for a light blue vanity that has a slightly weathered finish to it, creating a beach-inspired atmosphere that is perfect for sunny bathrooms. Pair this kind of vanity with bright white subway tiles and a few different nautical accents around the space for a classic vibe.

blue bathroom vanities

2. Modern Elegance

For modern elegance, go for a sleek navy blue vanity that has lots of clean lines and minimalist design features. Combine this with a fresh marble countertop and make sure that all of the surrounding fixtures are super contemporary for a chic, sophisticated look.

3. Vintage Charm

A powder blue vanity that boasts antique brass fixtures creates an instant nostalgic atmosphere. Add to the vintage nature of the design by incorporating a vintage mirror, patterned wallpaper, and lots of delicate, retro bathroom accessories.

4. Bold And Bright

You can upcycle a vanity by painting it a vibrant shade of royal blue, or perhaps something like turquoise for a really bold statement. Pair this with plain white walls to make sure that the vanity stands out as much as possible.

blue vanity bathroom

5. Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian bathroom decor is a huge trend right now, and it can be achieved with something like a light blue/gray vanity that has a matte finish. Incorporate as many natural wood elements as you can, with plenty of neutral tones to help the light blue really stand out.

6. Rustic Appeal

For more of a rustic vibe, go with something like a distressed navy blue vanity paired with a reclaimed wood countertop for that extra rustic touch. The look can be completed using earthy tones like bronze and copper fixtures, along with accessories that can match the earthy aesthetic.

7. Spa Retreat

If you want your blue bathroom décor to achieve a relaxing spa retreat feel, use a soft aqua-blue vanity that has a high glass finish. Combine this with white walls, calm lighting, and lots of natural materials.

modern blue bathroom ideas

8. Moody And Dramatic

If you want to achieve lots of drama in your bathroom decor, then choose an indigo or dark navy vanity. Enhance the ambiance and drama of the choice with dimmer lighting, metallic accents, and perhaps even some bold artwork on the walls to create almost a luxury restaurant restroom feel!

9. Bohemian Bliss

If you’re looking for modern blue vanity bathroom ideas to reflect that you are a Bohemian at heart, then go for a teal or peacock blue vanity that has lots of intricate details and ornate hardware paired with it. Lean towards eclectic patterns, lots of plants, and perhaps some globally inspired elements to create a really culturally diverse ambiance.

10. Contemporary Cool

For a contemporary cool look, you can’t go wrong with a light blue floating vanity. Pair this with a stark concrete countertop and perhaps some geometric tiles on the walls. These sleek features will come together to create something incredibly modern and cool.

navy blue vanity

11. Tranquil Oasis

If you want your bathroom to be a center of calm and relaxation, then a pale blue vanity is always a good way to evoke that desired sense of tranquility. Complement this vanity with soft white accents all around the room, sheer curtains, and as many natural textures as you can incorporate into the wider room.

12. Glamorous Retreat

For that extra touch of glamor, something that we always suggest is a navy blue vanity that features gold or crystal hardware. This can be combined with a marble countertop, mirrored accents, and if you want to go above and beyond, a beautiful sparkling chandelier as the main source of lighting.

13. Playful And Fun

If you have a sense of fun and playfulness in all of your other rooms, blue vanity bathroom ideas may align with your style. This can be paired with other fun, playful design elements like colorful mosaic tiles, eclectic patterns, and fun bathroom accessories that you might not have first thought of.

blue bathroom decor

14. Timeless Classic

If you want to ensure that your bathroom is going to be fashionable and cool no matter how many years you remain in your home, then you can’t go wrong with a navy blue vanity that has traditional paneling and polished nickel fixtures. It creates a really timeless look, especially when paired with white subway tiles, black and white checkered flooring, and lots of vintage-inspired accessories.

15. Zen Minimalism

If you are interested in taking the minimalist Zen approach, then a good place to start is a pale blue vanity that has plenty of clean lines and some hidden storage for less clutter on surfaces. It is important to keep the space clutter-free in order to achieve the Zen look, and also make sure to incorporate lots of natural elements with a few subtle pops of color to echo the vibe of a serene retreat.

Check out some blue vanity bathroom ideas for how to incorporate blue bathroom vanities in a transformational project, to ignite a spark in your own creativity and produced a vision for your bathroom.

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