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modern floating vanity

The Ultimate Modern Floating Vanity Guide For You

When it comes to all the rooms in the home to put a modern floating vanity, it can be said that the bathroom holds a special significance and power all of its own. Beyond the purely functional aspect, many see the bathroom as a place of sanctuary to rest and relax in the form of long luxurious bubble baths and other forms of pampering and self-care. Regardless of how you view the bathroom, it requires adequate storage space and clever design features.

All bathrooms have a sink and toilet and, depending on your house, a tub or shower. Most will also have a vanity, which will be the main piece of furniture. The vanity is the space’s centerpiece and should be a perfect balance of style and function.

A vanity may have a sink built into the unit with storage space around it. This is an excellent way to hide the plumbing, but there are also vanities without sinks that are essentially cabinets.

Generally, there are two types of vanities – wall-mounted or floor mounted. Another term for wall-mounted vanities that you might come across is the modern floating bathroom vanity, which is the type that we will focus on in this article.

Here is a comprehensive guide to modern floating vanities. From what they are to what benefits they can provide for your bathroom. What you should be thinking about when considering whether or not they might be the best option for your bathroom.

floating modern vanity

What Is A Modern Floating Vanity?

A floating vanity is a unit mounted to the wall rather than standing upright on the floor. It gives the effect that the unit is floating off of the ground.

Depending on the size of the vanity, there will be visible wall space between the unit and the floor, which is not the case with a floor-standing unit.

Like a floor-standing vanity, a floating modern vanity can feature drawers, doors, and shelving and come in various styles, sizes, and configurations. Offering the same features as floor units, you might choose a modern floating vanity with a vessel sink.

modern bathroom floating vanity

What Are The Benefits Of A Floating Vanity?

  • Makes A Bathroom Look Larger

Having a modern floating vanity or modern floating double vanity means that the floor space underneath is still usable. This obviously is different with a floor-standing unit. If you leave the area unused, it will create the impression of a larger space in the room.

The floor space underneath the unit can be utilized for additional storage if required – you might think about baskets or crates in keeping with your décor.

  • Cleaning Is Easier

There are far fewer nooks and crannies that have the potential to gather dust bunnies with floating vanities. There is nowhere for the dust to hide when the unit is wall mounted and raised from the floor!

  • Stylish and Perfect For The Super Organized

Some of the most popular designs of the modern floating vanity with vessel sinks have open shelving underneath. This style is perfect for any organized homeowner who loves to display their carefully curated bathroom products for all to see. It defines storage Zen!

  • A More Streamlined Look

A wall-mounted vanity provides more minimalist elegance compared to a floor-mounted option. The no-fuss nature of the design leaves the room looking more streamlined and gives you the chance to show off other more interesting elements of the space instead.

  • More Square Footage For Heated Flooring

One of the most popular modern bathroom features is underfloor heating, which keeps your tiles nice and warm to the touch. Having a floating vanity means you can achieve a bigger benefit by having more of your flooring accessible.

  • Accommodates A Full Height Range

Taller and shorter people, on the extremes of the height spectrum, can often experience issues with standard floor-mounted vanities and the location of the mirrors and drawers. Stooping or stretching to reach the sink doesn’t make shaving, brushing teeth or putting on makeup much fun. With a floating vanity, however, the unit can be placed at a spot on the wall that perfectly accommodates the user’s height requirements.

  • A Better Way To Show Off Your Tiles

If you have spent a lot of money picking out the perfect bathroom tiles, then why would you want to cover a large portion of it up with a vanity? Giving yourself more access to the floor with a wall-mounted vanity means giving your tiles much more room to shine!

  • Eliminates Risk Of Too Much Wood

If you don’t have tiles in your bathroom but wood flooring instead, a floor-mounted wooden vanity can make the space look too ‘cabin-in-the-woods-esque’. Alternatively, if a floating vanity is used, it helps to break up the wood-on-wood pattern and gives a more pleasing design aesthetic.

  • More Opportunity For Customization

If your home needs to accommodate mobility aids, a floating vanity can be a simple and effective way to customize the unit to specific user needs. It is easier to hang a floating vanity at the correct height and with the appropriate space underneath for a wheelchair user or someone who needs to be seated in the bathroom than to adjust a floor-mounted unit.

  • Style and Color Options

There is no limit on the variety of modern floating vanity units. They are available in a whole range of colors and materials common in bathrooms. If you have your heart set on a solid wood vanity or a floating marble vanity, there will be plenty of suitable options.

modern wall mount vanity

How To Decide Between A Wall-Mounted Or Floating Vanity?

The key questions that you need to ask when it comes to deciding between a floor mounted or a floating vanity include the following:

  • Stylistically, which unit is more pleasing?
  • Do I have tile flooring or wood flooring?
  • Am I hoping to achieve a more traditional look or something more modern and contemporary?
  • Which style better fits the overall concept of my bathroom?
  • Will a floating vanity be in keeping with the rest of the room’s design?
  • What kind of bathroom storage do I need to fit my lifestyle requirements?
  • What is the size of the space that I am working with?

Taking the time to consider each of these questions will likely point you in the right direction regarding which type of vanity to install in your bathroom.

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For example, if you want a more classical, traditional aesthetic with lots of hidden storage space, then a floor-mounted style might be the best fit for you thanks to the ample space for drawers and cupboards underneath the countertop.

On the other hand, if you value as much floor space as possible and want to achieve a more modern, minimalist look in your bathroom, then a floating vanity will always be the better choice.

Ultimately, floating vanities will only become more and more popular as the move towards elevated modernism grows in strength, and the average square footage of urban living space gets smaller.
If a floating vanity or floating double vanity is going to be the best option for your bathroom renovation or redesign project, then be assured your remodel will be functional and eye-catching!

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